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Rom.Com ends with the greatest worst dating profile ever made (and it’s inspired by true events). Check out the finale right now, or catch up from the beginning.

Best episode yet! I’ll be honest, when the guys told me they were writing a romantic comedy, I tried to reboot their man-settings by forcefully shoving a rare steak down their throats while showering them in whiskey like we were holding a Pansy Exorcism. But this was amazing, funny, and utterly charming. Check it out if you had similar reservations - also check out anger management and impulse control therapy.

Here is what could be the last episode of Rom.Com, unless lots of people watch it and share it and love it and demand more, in which case we’ll just make more.

Even if the show doesn’t get to continue, I’m thrilled that I had the opportunity to make it in the first place. I’ve written some insane and random shit for Cracked in my time here, but a (slightly) grounded, abbreviated sitcom about dating and communication was probably the biggest risk, because there’s no reason to assume that the people who go to Cracked want that, or that they’d want it from me. But it deals with some themes and ideas that I’VE been focused on lately, and I guess I’m just pleased and relieved that it isn’t universally hated and that we at Cracked have a little bit of room to try stuff like this out.

I’m also stoked because it gave me a chance to show off my childhood friend Kaitlin Large (Josie) and my big, dumb brother Tommy, who provided the score. My favorite thing to do at Cracked is provide exposure for all of the people I grew up with who are more talented than me (my second favorite thing to do is make enough money to spoil my dog).

Thanks for sticking with this show and I apologize in advance for the continued promotion I’ll be doing on this and all other social media platforms.